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AC Houston Repairs TX

Since our cooling systems constantly run for months here in Houston, Texas, it's good to keep your system in good working condition all the time! AC repair is a necessity to avoid the scorching summer heat. Thus, call AC Houston Repairs TX asking for immediate service.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston TX

If your dryer vent has been acting up, don't blame its old age! It could be trying to warn you by telling "clean my vents, now!" dryer vent cleaning is a must if you want to keep your property & loved ones always safe; contact AC Houston Repairs TX now!

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Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX

Do you suffer from an allergy? Are there smoking odours or pets indoors? Have you recently remoulded or removed into a new house? If so, then you are breathing in mold & dust particles that have been hidden inside your ducts. Thus, call AC Houston Repairs TX for air duct cleaning.

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For your safety and peace of mind, we are fully licensed.

Trusted AC Repair Service

Is your air conditioner suddenly going out of service or stopped working? Then, you probably now know exactly how hot the summer heat is! Without having a properly working air conditioner, your house will be uncomfortable & unbearable. Thus, you should call a professional AC repair service asking for immediate help to stay comfy!

Our well-trained technicians can diagnose and evaluate your air conditioner system case when you work with AC Houston Repairs, TX. We will identify the problem & offer you the best repair solutions and consider your budget. Unlike other AC repair services, our service is the cheapest at a free estimate; contact us.

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With over 10 years of experience in Cleaning Services, we have a lot to offer to our clients.

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Common AC Repair Issues

As a homeowner, you need to keep an eye over the following signs that indicate your need for professional AC repair so you can get them done before they turn into catastrophic. One of the common AC repair problems is the ice buildup on the air conditioner. Give AC Houston Repairs TX a call when you see ice over your unit.

Weak airflow from the ventilation ducts shows duct blockage or duct leak. You are running your system for a long time without repair cause multiple problems. Call us if your air conditioner turns on or off within 30 minutes. The strange noise is another common sign indicating your need to call our HVAC professionals asking for AC repair help.

What people Say

good review
Hazel Callum


Well, the installers of the dryer vent before we bought the house installed a very long vent with a number of bends/turns. So, you can imagine getting clogged is pretty match easier. This time it triggered the error alarm of the appliance. That is, getting these guys out here to have a comprehensive vent cleaning. They did it and we couldn’t be more satisfied!!

There is fun and satisfaction knowing you have professionals and individual you can trust to do the right thing. And that is my feeling at the moment for sure after we had the crew from this company to repair and clean the dryer vent at our laundry business shop. Very though, attentive to detail and exception customer experience!!!

good review
Apollo Ian


The most important thing you will notice about this dryer vent cleaning and maintenance company is that they are very responsive to call or email. And scheduling an appointment is flawless. Now that matches their work performance in vacuuming and brushing off any debris and lint accumulated in your system. Great results, faster and top-notch!!

How Long Air Conditioner Runs?

How long your air conditioner runs depend on many things as the temperature outside! You probably will run your unit for 15 to 20 minutes in average temperatures. However, in hotter times, your air conditioner will run longer. Other factors that can affect its performance include the space your ac will cool, the thermostat it is set at, & the size of your house.

But if your air conditioner system keeps turning on & off "short cycling", you might need a new AC replacement & installation. Those old air conditioner systems that are more than ten years old are hard to work professionally. Thus, you should seek a new AC installation by giving AC Houston Repairs TX a call.